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Meet the Artists

Jocelyn Garcia


Hey! My name is Jocelyn Garcia! I'm a Junior Graphic Design student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and I am also a proud Latina freelance artist based in Ridgefield Park, NJ with hopes of becoming a UX/UI designer. As of late, I spend most of my time studying, working, painting murals, watching anime, or getting involved in some new hobby!

I started my art journey when I was about 7 creating comics of original characters. I watched tons and tons of anime and would sit in front of the computer practicing how to draw sailor moon eyes for hours on end. This was clearly my favorite pastime.

Jocelyn and one of her murals in Brewster Park
Screenshot 2022-04-22 2.00.12 PM.png
Nacimiento de mi cuerpo y mi alma, 2021
Mal de ojo en el jardin , 2017
Keith Haring but bad, 2021

It wasn’t until I was admitted into the National Arts Honor Society here at RPHS that I realized how much I loved being a part of the art community. My love for art had expressed itself in mediums ranging from photography, sculpture, linocuts, printing, drawing, even teaching art!


My work currently revolves around watercolor and pencil illustrations that are expressive in color, feeling, and sometimes with a focus on mycology. Some of my inspirations are from artists like Jamie Green and Miranda Zimmerman.

My advice for new and all artists out there; Believe that you can and you’re halfway there. It’s about 40% doing and 60% believing in yourself. Oh! And don’t forget to take breaks! Sometimes we get so absorbed into our own work we forget to eat, stay hydrated and sleep. Take of yourself and the results will shine through!

Jocelyn and one of her murals in Brewster Park

Guillermo Lopez-Pastas


Hello! My name is Guillermo Lopez.  I'm from Colombia but was raised in NY before I came to New Jersey. I am 32 years old and I have a degree in industrial design from Montclair State University.

Art has been a huge part of my life since I was a young kid. Whether I was reading comic books, visiting museums, or viewing paintings and sculptures created by the Old Masters, I was always drawn to the art world and trying to learn more about it.

One great piece of advice I have for new artists is to first enjoy the process of creation; don't get too caught up in the technique. You will slowly perfect your skill later so make it a part of you and make it unique!


A recent mural created by Guillermo at the John B. Davis Municipal Pool. 

Guillermo's mural at Veteran's Park represents his fond memories of Ridgefield Park High School.

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